Up-to-date device for IOP measuring, diaton, is available now!!!

diaton tonometer is a handheld device measuring IOP through the eyelid and over the sclera with no contact to the cornea & causing no discomfort to the patient.The pen-like tonometer diaton measures IOP within seconds without the need for anesthesia or sterilization.  

diaton is a safe & easy-to-use screening tool which makes it possible to identify patients at risk for glaucoma & refer them to ophthalmology.

4.5  million people all over the world are blind due to glaucoma & this number will rise! Due to the silent progression of this disease, majority of the infected people do not even suppose that they  have such a disease. The rise of IOP is one of the main factors that indicate glaucoma presence. And now, we present a safe & easy method to measure IOP, diaton tonometer, that can detect glaucoma at its early stage & as a result will help to save patients' eyes!


Save Your Vision with Diaton!