Transpalpebral diaton-tonometry at international exhibition «BULMEDICA» in Bulgaria.

From 17 to 19 May, 2016 the 50th anniversary exhibition «BULMEDICA-2016» took its place in the city of Sofia. The exhibition contributes to increasing the level of professionals’ awareness about medical equipment of new generation,innovative technologies and solutions in the sphere of top-quality medical care.
More than 350 companies from different parts of the world from Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland and others have presented their developments in medical treatment, diagnostics and preventative measures of the wide range of diseases.

The company Tonom GmbH – EU official representative of GRPZ together presented scleral tonometer for intraocular pressure measurement through the eyelid diaton.

Mini-presentations of the device with step by step explanation of transpalpebral technique of IOP measuring became of interest of a big amount not only of ophthalmologists, but of general visitors as well, since the uniqueness of the transpalpebral technique of measuring makes it possible to determine IOP with high accuracy. It is transpalpebral scleral tonometry that allows measuring IOP in complicated clinical cases when the usage of standard methods is impossible – in patients with cornea pathologies or surgeries, in patients with viral infections, with “dry” eye syndrome, in patients with allergic reactions.

Non-invasive method of IOP measuring excludes the risk of infecting and due to this diaton tonometer can be considered as an irreplaceable gadget for IOP measuring while screening not only in special medical ophthalmologic rooms, but in out-hospital conditions.


Wide interest of medical professionals in transpalpebral method of IOP measurement highlighted the growing recognition diaton-tonometry in the world.